If you are involved in a car accident, hiring an accident attorney in Knoxville is probably not your first thought. The health and safety of you and others involved in the accident are top priority. Often, individuals involved in car wrecks think that their injuries are not serious enough at the time and do not seek medical care. If you are injured, whether that be a minor injury or a major injury, you should seek immediate medical care.

After the accident, you will also need to follow up with your insurance company. If you were also injured in the accident and not at fault, you may also need to consult an accident attorney. Hiring an accident attorney in Knoxville with years of experience can make a huge difference in your case. The attorney can help you work through these insurance claims and make sure that you receive the money that you deserve.

Accidents can also cause a financial strain. In order to have the best chance at receiving financial compensation, it is important to call an experienced car accident attorney at Hotz & Associates as soon as possible after your accident. It also allows us to have enough time to build a strong case to fight for you. Our accident attorneys have years of experience in car wreck cases. We will help you navigate insurance claims and get the justice you deserve. Remember: time is money! There is no cost to contact us, so don’t wait! Call us at (865) 637-9000 to schedule your consultation appointment.