Witnesses have the unique vantage point of viewing the event from an outside perspective, potentially observing external factors contributing to the cause of the accident. For instance, perhaps a witness noticed the other driver texting on their phone a few seconds before rear-ending you. This information could be used as evidence that the other driver operated their vehicle negligently, which resulted in the crash.

Gathering this vital information from witnesses will help your Knoxville car accident lawyer pursue full compensation on your behalf.

witness a car crash

Contact information is crucial

Fortunately, almost everyone carries a cell phone, so sharing contact information is simple. And in the Volunteer State, there is no shortage of people willing to help after witnessing a crash.

Ask for the witness’s name, phone number, and email address for any follow-up questions to verify the incidents that led to the accident. You must receive their consent and ask their permission if you wish to use the witness’s testimony in your case.

What kind of details should I try and get from the witness?

After collecting contact information, ask the car crash witness if they would write a short description of what they witnessed. In addition to collecting a witness’s information, share your name, phone number, and email address, asking them to share the following information in a statement:

  • What did you see and hear before, during, and after the accident?
  • What was your location when the wreck occurred?
  • Were there other potential witnesses with you at the time?
  • Are you related to anyone involved in the accident?
  • Are there any factors you noticed that can provide more detail about the accident?

If a written statement isn’t sent within a couple of days, it’s okay to reach out and politely inquire about the statement. The more statements you have confirming the incidents of a wreck, the more accurately responsibility for the accident can be assigned. A car crash witness can provide vital information when you need results after being injured in a car wreck.

Why is collecting information necessary?

A strong witness statement can help you recover significant compensation following a car crash. Determining the percentage of responsibility is essential under Tennessee law. The less responsibility assigned to a driver for their part in an accident, the less insurance companies have to pay in damages.

Witness information can be vital to settlements and court cases

Being involved in a car crash may cause individuals to be biased toward the facts. However, witnessing a car crash is likely unbiased participation by individuals who stand to gain or lose nothing. Strong witness testimony can offer a reliable interpretation of the facts of an accident.

A car crash witness can provide essential evidence, increasing the opportunity for reaching a fair settlement or supporting the facts in a court case. When multiple individuals witness a car crash, an insurance company will often offer immediate settlements to avoid paying the total damages they may be responsible for. Speak with a car accident lawyer in Knoxville if you feel pressured to immediately settle with the insurance company after a car accident.

Preserve vital witness information after a Knoxville car accident

Hotz & Associates, P.C. can gather vital witness information and documentation to preserve the facts of an accident, allowing our clients time for recovery and to get back to life. Contact us online or call (865) 582-0042 to schedule a free consultation today.