Limitations to Legal Claims

If you or someone close to you has ever been involved in an auto accident or otherwise been personally injured, the first thing you are concerned with is getting well. And rightfully so—you want to heal up and just get life back to normal again.

Once a sense of normalcy has been restored, you might begin to wonder if you have any legal claims against the person or entity that caused your injury. You should know that there’s a limit to the time you can wonder before the law bars your ability to pursue a claim for compensation.

These laws are called statutes of limitation, and they range in time frame depending on the nature of the legal cause of action and, importantly, the state in which you live. Tennessee, unfortunately, is one of the stingiest states when it comes to these limiting statutes.

Not Keeping Up With Our Neighbors

Let’s take a look at a few types of legal actions and how Tennessee’s statutes of limitations match up to those of some of our border states:

Medical Malpractice 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 2 Years
Personal Injury 1 Year 2 Years 4 Years 3 Years 2 Years
Wrongful Death 1 Year 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years

Notice a trend? This disparity is the result of expensive and careful lobbying by special interest groups and professional industries that have a very real monetary interest in limiting your rights to recover compensation from injuries.

Taking Action

Laws are created by people. And laws don’t change unless the people that make those laws appreciate exactly what the needs and demands of their constituents are.

Make your voice heard! Contact your legislators in Nashville, and tell them to revise the state’s statutes of limitations to meet the reasonable requirements that all Tennesseans deserve.

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