Our own Gary Adkins recently appeared on the WVLT program “Mom’s Today” with some great advice on what you should do in the days following a car accident. Watch the video or read the transcript of the program below:

Hotz and Associates Moms Interview from Daniel Beckner on Vimeo.


Host: Hello, hello, I’m Kelly Parker. When you’re involved in a car accident the first thing you do as a parent is make sure everyone traveling inside the vehicle is safe. Once you have that piece of mind, our guest today says there are some other critical steps you can take to protect yourself and your family in the long run. And joining us today we have Gary Adkins from Hotz and Associates to help us through this process. Thank you so much for being here today. Now, you’ve offered some advice in the past… we’re there on the scene, we call our insurance company first, now let’s fast forward. We’re home, we’re safe… what is our next step?

Gary Adkins: Well the phone is probably going to ring at your home and it’s going to be the other guy’s insurance agency. And honestly, when the other guy’s insurance agency calls you, it’s probably time to call a lawyer, us hopefully, but call an attorney because it is literally a legal minefield out there if you’ve never been through it. There are mistakes that can be made and an insurance adjuster has been through thousands of cases while you hopefully have only been through one. There are a lot of wrong things you can do.

Host: Okay. Once we have called that attorney, what are some of the things we’re going to need to know?

Gary Adkins: Well, you’ve got a two part claim. One is for your car and one is for your personal injury. Generally when people call us we say “You can talk to the insurance company about the car, but don’t give them a recorded statement and don’t talk about your injuries because there’s no point in doing that.” On your vehicle for example you’ve got a claim for diminished value maybe if the car has been damaged but not totaled. There’s just a lot of things that you need legal advice about.

Host: Absolutely so you can protect yourself and call Hotz and Associates about your accident at 637-9000 or visit them online at www.askthecarwreckattorneys.com, thanks again for all your advice today Gary, we appreciate it.