Is “tort reform” something that you support? I’m guessing that you probably do favor it. I’m guessing that you favor it without necessarily knowing what it really is. The name itself sounds like something we should support.

The term “reform” automatically sounds like a good thing. The Oxford Dictionary defines “reform” in this manner: To make changes in something in order to improve it. So who wouldn’t be in favor of changing something in order to improve it?

But what if tort reform isn’t really about reform? Is it still a good thing? Let’s see. What if we stopped calling poop…poop. And started calling poop…meatballs. That is certainly a better sounding name. But would it change the smell? Ummm. No. But it most assuredly would make the poop easier to sell.

Just as poop named meatballs are not really meatballs, tort reform is not really reform. Tort reform is a deceptive name which has been given to poop.

Tort reform is a scam. A big lie. It was invented by big business for big business. It is a way for the tobacco companies, Exxon, Enron, AIG, Wall Street, and the Madoffs of the world to turn their poop into your meatloaf.

Stay tuned. We’re going to learn where “tort reform” came from. Where might you expert poop to come from?