Winter in East Tennessee can be breathtaking. This is particularly true if you like to hike, because the higher you climb, the more likely you will encounter snow. Depending on the weather and altitude, the Knoxville area offers skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice skating, hockey, snowmobiling, sledding, and anything else a creative and energetic Volunteer can dream up.

Winter conditions also create the opportunity for less deliberate, though no less breathtaking, activities like car-skidding, sidewalk slipping, and icy driveway face-planting can lead to serious personal injury.

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Preventing winter slips and falls

Wherever winter takes you, daily activities and recreational ones alike come with their attendant risk. It certainly pays to exercise caution, including driving with more care (and only if absolutely necessary in inclement weather) as well as utilizing proper safety equipment in all outdoor pursuits. But accidents happen.

The last thing on your mind if your child gets into a sledding accident or your husband is rear-ended by a driver that didn’t take into account the slippery road conditions is, “how do we protect and pursue our legal rights?” Your first impulse is to get your loved one taken care of physically, and rightfully so.

As we’ve blogged here before, the right personal injury defense starts with an analysis of negligence. If someone owed your or your loved one a duty of care, failed to meet that duty, and this caused injury, you may have a viable case to recover damages to help you be made whole again.

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