The forcible taking and carrying away of someone by force and against his will. This includes unlawfully confining someone for ransom, or as a hostage, or to harm them in any way. See also abduction.


Relationship by blood. Lineal kin are those related in a direct line, such as mother and son. Collateral kin are those descended from a common ancestor, such as brothers with the same father. Next of kin is a term relating to the person most closely related to someone.


To wrongfully take advantage of the time it takes a check deposited in one bank to be collected at another. This time period is called “float”. Kiting allows a person to use funds that are not his own by drawing checks against deposits that have not yet actually cleared the bank.

Knock and announce rule

A rule which allows a peace officer to break into and enter a house to serve a warrant or carry out an arrest. He must first announce his authority and purpose. If he is refused admittance he may then break open a door or window for entry.


To act with knowledge; willfully; consciously. To act knowingly in relation to an offense is to carry out an action with full knowledge that it is done and that it carries a predictable result.