After devastating truck accidents, victims need substantial trucking company accident settlements to recover, secure their financial futures, and get justice. After experiencing a truck accident, you might be relieved when the insurance company reaches out with an initial offer. Unfortunately, that settlement amount will likely fall far below what you need.

Do not risk losing the settlement you deserve and need to cover your damages. Reach out to Hotz & Associates. A Knoxville truck accident attorney from our team will review the offer and help you fight for the amount you truly deserve.

Annoyed angry disappointed couple holding paper arguing with insurance agent on terrible trucking company accident settlements.

Why are initial trucking company accident settlement offers usually low?

Trucking companies pay victims compensation through insurance coverage or with their assets. As businesses, the bottom line for the trucking and insurance companies is to hold on to their assets and keep their payouts low. This guides the initial settlement offer and victims may be unprepared for this.

When you are in physical and emotional pain after the accident, you may be grateful for the offer. Your first thought may be that you won’t have to spend months or years fighting for compensation. However, you may not have realized the extent of your long-term needs.

It’s common for victims to accept the first offer but find, as time goes by, that the initial settlement amount does not adequately cover their needs. Once the claim is settled and they have accepted the offer, they cannot demand more money.

How can I get a fair settlement?

A Knoxville truck accident attorney from Hotz & Associates will fight to get you a fair trucking company insurance settlement. We are on the side of injured victims, never the insurance companies. You can depend on us to put our comprehensive knowledge of Tennessee law and experience handling truck accident cases to work for you.

Your attorney will investigate your case diligently, gathering evidence to support your claim and show the trucking company’s negligence. Among other sources, your lawyer will most likely:

  • Acquire data from the truck’s electronic logging device (ELD)
  • Interview accident witnesses
  • Secure footage from nearby traffic or security cameras or “dash cams”
  • Collect physical evidence from the vehicles involved
  • Analyze the traffic, weather, and road conditions at the time of the wreck
  • Consult with trucking industry experts
  • Review Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) trucking regulations for evidence of compliance failures
  • Consult with your medical team to determine the cause of your injuries, assess your current and future medical needs, your ability to work, and your quality of life going forward

Based on the findings and after evaluating your losses, your attorney will determine a settlement demand, which is usually higher than the initial offer, to provide you with just compensation. Then, your attorney will prepare for negotiations with the trucking and insurance companies. Using evidence collected through the accident investigation, they will encourage the other side to increase the amount of the settlement offer.  If the insurance company refuses to play fair, Hotz & Associates is prepared to fight for you in court.

Don’t settle for less – get every penny of what you deserve

Truck-wreck victims deserve significant compensation for their injuries and the consequences of those injuries. A fair compensation amount is typically far more than what the trucking and insurance companies initially offer.

Put your case in the capable hands of a Knoxville truck accident attorney from our team. Call (865) 582-0042 or send a message to connect with Hotz & Associates and schedule a free consultation to discuss your circumstances and learn how we can help your claim.