After being in a Knoxville car wreck, you’ll need a way to get around. You still have work, errands, and other duties to take care of. The expenses that go along with a rental car are often a concern.

Hotz & Associates, P.C. understands you have questions about who pays for a rental car after an accident, and our Knoxville car accident lawyers can answer your questions about compensation after a car wreck. We offer real-life solutions to your needs and explain your rights.

who pays for rental car after accident

Who pays for a rental car after an accident?

Unfortunately, an at-fault driver’s insurance company in Knoxville is not required to cover the cost of a rental car if your car was damaged in an accident, even when your vehicle is a total loss. So, what options are available to you?

Request payment from the at-fault driver’s insurance company

First, you can contact the at-fault driver’s insurance and request they pay for the use of a rental. Life continues after an accident. Many insurance agencies will grant rental car coverage for a reasonable period while a vehicle is being repaired when evidence exists that the driver they cover is at fault.

To advocate for coverage, reach out to the auto shop to determine as much as possible how long they expect the repairs to take. This way, you’re armed with an estimate of dates for consideration. And this will also save you from surprise expenses.

Review your car insurance policy

Car rental insurance is not a requirement for Tennessee car insurance coverage policies. However, if you have no other vehicle and must have a car, then it is essential to consider car rental insurance coverage. This coverage can be the difference between being able to carry out essential duties and being stuck at home after a car wreck.

Pay out-of-pocket

If the at-fault driver’s insurance refuses to pay for the use of a rental car and your car insurance policy does not include rental coverage, paying out of pocket may be the best option. We understand this may come at a considerable cost to you.

Let a Knoxville car accident lawyer negotiate your settlement

The knowledgeable Knoxville car accident lawyers at Hotz & Associates, P.C. have spent years negotiating settlements for clients who have suffered damages in a Knoxville car wreck. We understand the limiting tactics insurance companies use to reduce the amount of money they pay out for damages. You can’t put your life on hold until your car is repaired, so we work diligently to ensure you are fairly compensated for all the costs resulting from a Knoxville car wreck.

Who pays for damage to a rental car?

Before renting a car in Tennessee, you will be required to provide proof of personal automobile insurance. When renting a car, the personal policy you own extends to the rental of a vehicle if you are involved in an accident. If you are not the at-fault driver in the accident but are driving a rental car, a claim will be filed with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If you do not own a car, then basic insurance through the rental company should be available. Rental companies may encourage a renter to purchase their insurance, but this is not required with your policy. For the duration of using a rental car, you should be covered, but it is recommended to speak with your insurance company for verification.

Discuss your rental car costs with a Knoxville car accident lawyer

Being involved in a wreck in Tennessee is costly, regardless of who is at fault. Hotz & Associates, P.C. will help you find solutions to your car accident questions when you call (865) 582-0042 or reach out online. We offer free consultations to determine how we can serve you better.