We’ve recently had the pleasure of being regular contributors to the “Everyday Solutions” program on Knoxville’s WVLT Television. Airing weekdays, this program offers helpful tips to those in our community, and our own Gary Adkins has become a regular part of their program, offering a myriad of tips to viewers.

Covering topics such as “what should you do immediately following a car wreck or a truck wreck” to telling stories of the many ways Hotz and Associates can help to build your case (such as retrieving 911 records, taking photographs of accident scenes, interviewing witnesses, and then that one time we used a hypnotist…), we have really enjoyed being a part of the program and look forward to participating in future episodes.

To view all of Hotz and Associates’ appearances on the program, be sure to visit our YouTube channel but we also wanted to share one episode here on the blog. Enjoy this recent appearance from Gary Adkins as he discusses how to know if you’re getting a fair settlement.

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