Rear End Car Accidents


The personal injuries sustained in rear-end car wrecks can oftentimes leave survivors with serious medical issues, financial burden, and emotional suffering to deal with. An already complicated situation can become even more difficult to handle when the accident is caused by the negligence of another driver. The attorneys at Hotz and Associates are committed to helping injury victims hold those negligent other parties responsible and to help our clients get the compensation they deserve after these types of accidents. To make an informed decision about your legal issues, it’s very important to be aware of all of your rights. Call us today at 865-684-4405 for more information.

Getting the Proper Help

A person who has a personal injury from a car wreck isn’t always sure quite where to start because there are lots of things to deal with. Your health should be your first priority. The 1st thing to do is to make sure you have received good medical care. Delaying medical treatment could make your injury worse or even cause death. It’s not always easy for a car wreck survivor to deal with the financial strain of their unexpected medical needs due to the injury that happened through no fault of their own.

For this reason, the law allows people the right to file lawsuits to receive compensation from those who caused the accident and injuries. However, this process can be very long and complicated which is why many accident victims seek the help of a professional attorney.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Necessary?

Hiring an attorney after a rear-end wreck isn’t required in order to pursue compensation in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. While it’s advisable that a person at least speak with a good lawyer, it may be beneficial to your case to hire an attorney because he or she is familiar with these types of cases.

It’s common for the aftermath of a rear-end vehicle car wreck to be a frustrating, challenging time, but moving to protect your rights is always a good idea. Usually a person only has one chance at justice and if you wait, that chance may pass you by.

Having an experienced, professional lawyer working for you can help you handle insurance companies and to fully prepare for your day in court. Some insurance companies will give you the runaround… offering bad settlements or outright denying your claim. This can be extremely frustrating but you don’t have to handle it alone… let an attorney who deals with this every day work with you.

Upholding Your Rights

As TN rear-end accident lawyers who have been protecting the rights of personal injury victims for many years, the legal team at Hotz and Associates has the expertise, professionalism, and knowledge to build solid, winning cases for our clients. We understand the importance of obtaining both economic and non-economic damages to compensate for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses.