Dangerous roads can turn even the most avid car enthusiast into a nervous wreck. Especially in Knoxville, a city situated in the Tennessee Valley with roads curving around long, narrow ridges and wide rivers, drivers must exercise caution at all times, with some dangerous roads requiring more care than others.

In this post, you’ll learn more about which roads to avoid if at all possible, and the steps the city is taking to reduce instances of motor vehicle accidents.

dangerous road knoxville

Dangerous roads in Knoxville

Knoxville is one of the most dangerous cities to drive in across Tennessee. In fact, there have been more than 1,200 motor vehicle accidents resulting in severe bodily injury or death over the last decade. This amounts to a debilitating car accident every 37 hours.

Over a roughly ten-year period, the Knoxville region saw nearly 1,700 motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. This amounts to approximately 19 pedestrian and bicycle accidents every month.

Some of the most dangerous roads to be particularly cautious on in Knoxville, if possible, include:

  • Henley Street
  • Magnolia Avenue
  • Broadway
  • Western Avenue
  • Chapman Highway
  • Clinton Highway
  • Alcoa Highway
  • Asheville Highway
  • Rutledge Pike
  • Illinois Avenue

Henley Street

Henley Street is known for many motor vehicle accidents over the years. Most notably, these have involved senior drivers. According to the Knoxville Regional TPO, senior drivers are responsible for causing up to 27% of motor vehicle accidents in the city.

dangerous road knoxville henley street

Magnolia Avenue

Another dangerous road Knoxville residents need to worry about is Magnolia Avenue. Data suggests bicycle and pedestrian accidents are some of the most prevalent. In fact, as much as 87% of pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the city occur on just six major streets, including:

  • Magnolia Avenue
  • Broadway
  • Chapman Highway
  • Western Avenue

dangerous road knoxville magnolia avenue


Broadway is known for its busy theater and retail shops and is home to a number of different businesses. This means the area is often heavily congested, which increases the rates of distracted driving and road rage.

dangerous road knoxville broadway

Western Avenue

According to Verra Mobility data, Western Avenue is one of the most dangerous streets in Knoxville. This is because it is known as one of the top intersections for running red lights.

dangerous road knoxville western avenue

Chapman Highway

Chapman Highway in Knoxville, TN, is a dangerous road you should be especially cautious of. This is known for being East Tennessee’s deadliest highway. This is, in part, due to reckless driving caused by crossover accidents.

dangerous road knoxville chapman highway

Clinton Highway

Clinton Highway is a major arterial roadway responsible for carrying a substantial amount of traffic in Knoxville. Drivers have been known to operate at high speeds on Clinton Highway, often causing pedestrian, bicycle, and other traffic crashes.

dangerous road knoxville clinton highway

Alcoa Highway

Approximately 30% of debilitating injuries caused by car accidents in Knoxville occur on the East Tennessee region’s arterial roads. Alcoa Highway has seen its fair share of collisions over the years. Drivers often operate at substantially higher rates of speed and get aggressive when others drive at the speed limit.

dangerous road knoxville alcoa highway

Asheville Highway

Asheville Highway has been known for many motorcycle accidents over the years. This often occurs due to visibility issues and drivers failing to check their surroundings and blind spots before changing lanes.

dangerous road knoxville asheville highway

Rutledge Pike

Rutledge Pike is a more residential street many motorcyclists like to ride on. However, when drivers fail to check blind spots, run stop signs, or fail to adhere to traffic regulations, devastating injuries, and deaths can occur.

dangerous road knoxville rutledge pike

S Illinois Avenue

Illinois Avenue is often congested with travelers due to the many hotels, motels, and lodging along this major roadway. This increase in traffic can result in debilitating rear-end collisions, speeding accidents, and distracted driving.

dangerous road knoxville s illinois avenue

What is Vision Zero?

The Knoxville City Council approved implementing the Vision Zero program in 2021. This international program is designed to reduce and eliminate serious injury and death caused by traffic accidents.

Their goal is to make data-derived decisions regarding improving the road race, focus on sustained collaboration throughout the community and surrounding areas, and be transparent about the program’s progress, processes, and any difficulties that may arise along the way.

This allows Knoxville to focus on creating safer roads and reducing the number of pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents. Vision Zero is a collaborative effort between public educators, road design professionals, and law enforcement officials.

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