Business Disputes


Most business relationships, no matter how big or small, start out with both sides wanting the transaction to go smoothly. Unfortunately, sometimes those expectations are not met. When that happens, companies and those they do business with often successfully resolve their differences on their own without resorting to legal action. However, serious business disagreements can result in thousands, or even millions, of dollars in damages. And sometimes those more serious disputes do not get worked out amicably and need to be worked out in court or through arbitration.

At Hotz and Associates, P.C., we take a pragmatic approach toward evaluating business disputes so that we can help our clients come to a sensible, and hopefully prompt, resolution. If you or your company find yourself in a business dispute requiring legal guidance, we would be happy to discuss the matter with you further to see if we can help. Please call us (865) 637-9000 or email