If you are involved in a car accident, especially with injury, it can be hard to remember the steps you need to take to protect yourself legally. Here are two of the biggest mistakes that Knoxville injury attorneys see from clients who have been involved in accidents. If you learn from the common mistakes now, you will be more prepared to handle the situation if you are ever involved in an accident in the future.

Clients Are Injured but Fail to go to the Hospital

Often clients may be in pain after an accident but feel that their injuries are not substantial enough to go to visit a doctor. This can hurt the client’s case in the future, because insurance lawyers will think that you are not actually injured. Even if you go to the doctor and they say there is nothing wrong with you, you will now have that on record to present in court. This is only to protect yourself in court and also make sure that you are healthy and receiving the best care possible.

Clients Fail to Take Pictures of the Accident

In the chaos of the wreck, many people forget to take pictures of what happened. Unless you are not able to because of injury, you should always take pictures immediately to document the scene. Videos are also helpful if you can get them. Any evidence that you can get at the scene will help your case.

Knoxville Injury Attorneys

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