They’re Members of Your Family

She’s not just your pet; she’s family. He’s been with you since before you had kids. You take them on family trips. You hang holiday stockings for them. For some of you, they even sleep on your bed. For the 47% of American households that have at least one, dogs are so much more than pets.

But With Sharp Teeth

For most people, owning a dog is just having one more family member to love, take care of, and Problems, which could appear in the way of healthy sexual life. provide memories and companionship. But dogs are animals—in some cases wild animals—and under certain circumstances they can cause heart-wrenching and even life-threatening injuries to you, other family members, and visitors and guests to your home.

Every year in the U.S., there are nearly 5 million reported dog bites, with 800,000 of these requiring professional medical care. Put another way, there is a dog bite occurrence every 75 seconds in this country. Even worse, the victims of most reported dog attacks are children.

Proper Care and Common Sense

As the majority of dog-owners can joyfully attest, most dogs will never seriously bite a human or other pets. Keeping the following in mind and practice can help ensure that the same is true of your dog and the dogs in your neighborhood.

  • The golden rule applies to dogs, too: It’s okay, and encouraged, to be playful with your pet. But be sensible. Don’t tease dogs, pull their ears, or otherwise get them unreasonably riled up. And keep in mind that loud noises, including shouting, can be just as aggravating to them as aggressive physical behavior.
  • Be Aware of Breed Specific Legislation: Some states have enacted special legislation that targets certain breeds of dogs. Make sure you aware of any that apply to your current or prospective pets.
  • Insurance: Similarly, some homeowner’s insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for accidents involving specific breeds of dogs.
  • Train and supervise: Children don’t grow up well-behaved by accident; the same is true of dogs. Training, obedience courses, and consistent, gentle discipline go a long way to raising good-natured pets.
  • Report Stray Dogs: You would be suspicious of strange, new humans that show up in your neighborhood and don’t appear to belong there. Call animal control if you encounter a stray dog without a collar or apparent home nearby.
  • Report Suspected Abuse: Many dogs that attack have become aggressive as a result of abuse and mistreatment.
  • Ask Before Petting: When meeting a dog, it is a natural response (especially for children) to want to pet it. Teach children to always ask the dog’s owner before they reach in.

Give Us a Call

Dogs have been our trusted companions for centuries. With thoughtful care and common sense, they will continue to be in our family albums for many more. But bites do occur, and if you or someone you care about becomes the victim of a dog bite, then call the professional and experienced attorneys of Hotz and Associates. We will explain your rights and begin working for you within 24 hours, guaranteed! Call us at 865-637-9000 today.