Why Would I Ever Need a Social Security Attorney?

The Social Security Administration (or SSA for short) is an organization that is responsible for administering Social Security benefits in the United States. The SSA regularly denies disability payments to applicants whom the SSA thinks do not qualify. If and when this happens to you, you are able to request a hearing and the SSA will reconsider your disability eligibility status. These hearings are complicated and having a social security disability attorney represent you in this hearing will greatly increase your chances of winning your case and receiving your disability payments.

Why does the Social Security Administration Deny Benefits?

The SSA denies payments to people who apply for a variety of reasons. The most frequent reasons are:

The applicant makes too much money or has too many other assets
The disability is not serious enough in the eyes #1 OTC Pharmacy in UK of the SSA
The applicant has not been in contact with the Social Security office

Many applicants are also unfortunately denied simply because they do not have a solid understanding of the complicated application process. A 2012 report from the Social Security Inspector General found that 79% of SSA disability applicants have a difficult time reading, understanding or properly completing the complicated SSA forms.

How Can the Social Security Lawyers of Hotz and Associates Help You and Your Chances of Receiving Your Benefits?

Another recent report from the SSA Inspector General found that nearly 90% of the claimants who won their Social Security benefits had a social security lawyer to represent them in their hearing. There are several reasons that hiring a professional and experienced social security lawyer can increase the chances that you will be granted benefits:

  • A skilled Social Security Attorney can help you gather and organize your medical evidence. Sometimes medical evidence alone is insufficient for the SSA to approve your claim. A skilled attorney can assist you in gathering additional medical evidence to support your disability claim.
  • Social Security attorneys are experienced in these Social Security cases (at Hotz and Associates, we have worked THOUSANDS) and will notice if you have any problems or issues with your SSA application. Many applicants fail to report every aspect of their disability, and an attorney can make sure that all relevant impairments to your physical health are considered to give you a higher chance of your disability being granted.

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