Common Car Wreck Injuries

Hurt your back or neck in a car accident? You aren’t alone. Back and neck injuries are among the most common car wreck traumas. Frequently, these personal injuries don’t have external symptoms, like bleeding or swelling, but their chronic pain can last for months, years, and even decades.

Financial Burdens of Neck and Back Pain

Victims of neck and back pain can suffer many financial burdens because of extensive medical care, hospital visits, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. Some patients may undergo treatment and therapies for months and even years before they see results. Insurance doesn’t always cover treatments, which can be very expensive.

Lost income and diminished earning potential can compound a victim’s financial burdens even more, especially if the pain is chronic. Neck and back pain can be so debilitating that victims may find it difficult to walk, stand, or even sit. Sometimes the pain is so intense that sufferers of back and neck injuries can’t return to their jobs.

Chronic Pain and Depression

Chronic pain from a back or neck injury isn’t solely physical. Frequently, the emotional pain can be just as crippling. Often victims of chronic neck and back pain also experience depression. These types of personal injuries can rob you of sleep, the ability to complete everyday activities, and your quality of life.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Compensation for personal injuries, both physical and emotional, is often available, and our personal injury attorneys can help you navigate the judicial process. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident or truck wreck that was someone else’s fault, the law enables you to receive fair compensation for your personal injuries and losses.

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